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About Us

In the complex world of real estate, every step, from listing to closing, is important. Yet, the escrow process stands out for its intricate details and complicated steps that require careful attention and expertise. This is where New Era Escrow Inc., based in El Segundo, shines as a beacon of trust, efficiency, and expertise in California’s bustling real estate scene.

Under the astute leadership of Terrica Banks, Manager and CEO, who brings a unique blend of dynamism and sharp acumen, and the visionary guidance of founder and Chairman Munif Ali, New Era Escrow stands as a pinnacle of excellence. Their combined expertise ensures that both buyers and sellers experience a seamless, transparent, and efficient escrow process

New Era Escrow is one of the minority owned, women led and a black owned escrow company in California. It actively shapes the industry through participation in various real estate boards and associations. The team’s influence is exemplified by its key role in the Los Angeles Escrow Association. Euan Smith, one of New Era’s veteran escrow officers, has even served as the association’s President. Meanwhile, Terrica Banks serves as a director for the California Escrow Association, which has been setting the industry standard since 1924.

In a fast-paced market like California, where each transaction comes with its unique challenges, New Era Escrow stands out as the obvious choice. They offer more than just a neutral third-party service; they are a trusted partner safeguarding your most valuable assets, ensuring a mutually satisfactory outcome for all involved parties.

Over the past decade, New Era Escrow has closed billions in transactions. But its success isn’t just about the numbers—it’s about building a legacy of trust, unparalleled service, and unwavering commitment to excellence. In California’s dynamic real estate market, each transaction tells a story, and New Era Escrow excels at crafting narratives of success and satisfaction.

Choosing New Era Escrow means opting for a blend of expertise, dedication, and an unparalleled commitment to turning your real estate dreams into reality. Join us in heralding a new era of real estate transactions, where precision, trust, and excellence are not just buzzwords but a lived ethos.


New Era Escrow is an independent escrow company that strives for excellence in conducting successful escrow closings while maintaining exemplary customer service. We adhere to the rules and regulations put in place by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation and have a proven record in handling an extensive number of escrow transactions throughout California.

About the Founder

Munif Ali is a self-made entrepreneur, founder of multiple companies, a published author, speaker and a generous philanthropist.

From humble beginnings, Munif Ali carved a path that made him a successful entrepreneur with multiple billion-dollar businesses. At the young age of 20, he made his first investment in real estate, which started a highly successful career in the field. Through dedication and hard work, Munif built an extensive portfolio consisting of hundreds of properties.

Today, Munif serves as the Founder and Chairman of several businesses, including a real estate brokerage and New Era Escrow. Notably, New Era Escrow stands as one of the largest escrow companies in terms of volume within the communities they serve.

Munif’s dedication to uplifting others is evident through his commitment to training and mentorship. His belief in a “wholistic” approach to peak performance underscores the importance of growth and development.

Escrow Experts

New Era Escrow is the premier independent escrow company in California. Committed to excellence, we strive to deliver top-tier escrow services while prioritizing unparalleled customer satisfaction. We adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, while maintaining an impressive track record of managing numerous escrow transactions in the state.

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Our team is made up of some of the industry’s finest professionals. We’re dedicated to the highest standards of expertise. Our primary mission: to ensure every transaction is monitored and handled securely. We cover a wide array of escrows including, but not limited to, residential, commercial, multi-unit, new construction, condos, sales and re-sales, bulk sales, short sales, and real estate-owned transactions.

Furthermore, New Era Escrow is one of the few escrow companies licensed and bonded in the state of California. We specialize in conducting specialty holding escrows, including fertility escrows, personal property escrows, entertainment contracts, legal disputes, and note transfers. If you are a borrower, seller, lender, or buyer, make New Era Escrow your first choice for your next escrow transaction.

Escrow Specialists

New Era Escrow hires only the best in the industry. Clients prefer us for the exceptional quality we bring to every escrow transaction. Our experienced escrow specialists are well- informed on current regulatory standards and create efficient, tailored solutions for various escrow challenges. With New Era Escrow, you can rest assured that your escrow is in experienced hands.

New Era’s team of escrow professionals will administer:

Integrity and fairness

Efficiency in management of your transaction

Innovative solutions in the event of any unexpected issues

Comprehensive understanding as a result of our experience

Teamwork between all involved parties

Exclusive attention to detail

Clear and accurate communication

Flexibility to your needs

Positive and upbeat attitude throughout the process

Competitive rates

Professional Escrow Services

We believe the escrow process and settlement services should be as painless and stress-free as possible. We prioritize our client’s interests first. That’s why we aim to provide an efficient escrow closing experience through teamwork and professionalism. By understanding our clients’ wishes, our escrow team ensures every transaction’s success.

Our mission is to ensure total satisfaction and efficiency for our valued clients. Our skilled team provides professional escrow services from start to finish.

Professional Escrow Services