New Era Escrow


New Era Escrow is an independent escrow company that strives for excellence in conducting successful escrow closings while maintaining exemplary customer service. We adhere to the rules and regulations put in place by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation and have a proven record in handling an extensive number of escrow transactions throughout California.

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Our team consists of the industry’s top professionals and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and expertise. It is our responsibility to ensure that each transaction is monitored and safely handled. We handle a variety of escrows, including but not limited to, residential escrowcommercial escrow, multi-unit, new construction, condos, bulk sales, short sales, and real estate owned transactions.


New Era Escrow is also one of the few escrow companies licensed and bonded in the state of California to conduct specialty holding escrows such as fertility escrows, personal property escrows, entertainment contracts, legal disputes and note transfers. If you are a borrower, seller, lender, or buyer, let New Era Escrow be your first choice in handling your next escrow transaction.

Escrow Specialists

Essentially, New Era Escrow hires only the best in the industry. Our clients choose New Era Escrow due to the high level of quality that is placed on each escrow transaction. Our experienced escrow specialists stay well informed on current regulatory standards and are able to create efficient, tailored solutions for an array of escrow obstacles. When you choose New Era Escrow for your escrow needs, you can rest assured that your escrow is in experienced hands.

New Era’s team of escrow professionals will administer:

Integrity and fairness

Efficiency in management of your transaction

Innovative solutions in the event of any unexpected issues

Comprehensive understanding as a result of our experience

Teamwork between all involved parties

Exclusive attention to detail

Clear and accurate communication

Flexibility to your needs

Positive and upbeat attitude throughout the process

Competitive rates



Professional Escrow Services

We believe the escrow process and settlement services should be as painless and stress free as possible. It is our primary concern to place our client’s interest first by providing an efficient escrow closing experience through teamwork and professionalism. We understand the wishes of our clients and our escrow team will ensure that every transaction is a success.


It is our mission to administer total satisfaction and efficiency to all of our valued clients. Our skilled, full-service escrow company will provide professional escrow services throughout the entire escrow process from start to finish.

Professional Escrow Services