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Virtually all real estate transactions need escrow services to ensure fair and accurate outcomes that satisfy all the requirements of the sales agreement. Real property comes in all forms, from single family residential homes, to multi-unit dwellings, to commercial properties and businesses, and even new constructions and subdivisions.


And ownership and transactions can be varied, from condominiumsto co-ops, to for-sale-by-owner, to double escrows and even conditional closings. At New Era Escrow, we have the trained and experienced escrow officers who are able to handle all your escrow needs.


Residential Purchase Escrow

Whether you are buying your first starter home or a vast luxury estate, your residential purchase is likely the single, biggest, most important transaction you will ever make. New Era Escrow has decades of experience closing residential purchase escrows quickly, smoothly, and accurately. Real estate professionals and individuals handling For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) transactions alike, rely on our expert escrow services to handle their transactions. No transaction is too big or too small. We are experts in handling all residential escrow services in an accurate and timely manner, and ensure all the requirements of your transaction are thoroughly met.

Property Escrow Servcies

Commercial Escrow

Commercial properties, whether small individual units or large complexes, involve very complicated sales and transfer agreements. Meeting commercial escrow instructions may include elaborate title transfers, verification of inventories, and other multiple requirements that are not normally a part of residential purchases. Knowing that your escrow company has a top-notch team or escrow officers experienced commercial escrows can give you the peace of mind you need during such a large and complex transaction. Our commercial property escrow agents can help you smoothly and efficiently complete your transaction. Call a full service escrow company today.


Multi-Unit Escrow

Multi-unit or multi-family properties are great investments. However, they are often very complicated transactions involving several parties which may include not only buyers and sellers, but also tenants, managers, sublettors, etc. At New Era Escrow, we have the expertise to handle even the most complex escrows. Transactions involving multi-unit properties are too large, too complex, and too valuable to risk putting them in the hands of any other escrow company,but New Era Escrow. We can offer top rated escrow services for your transaction with our experienced, accountable, reliable, and bonded staff of escrow agents.

Property Escrow Services

New Construction / Subdivision Escrow

New constructions and subdivisions often have extra requirements, permitting, and regulations imposed by various levels of government including local, state, and federal agencies. Plus, the relative newness of the location may mean that some of these agencies are not yet up to speed with their facilities. New Era Escrow can ensure that your new construction transactions closes with all the necessary requirements completed thoroughly and accurately. We have the experienced escrow agents you need.


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Condo Escrow

Condominiums create a unique set of circumstances due to the fact that certain portions of the property are transferred during sales, but other portions remain as property in common. We can handle these complexities and ensure the transfer runs smoothly and accurately. From Home Owners Association (HOA) requirements, to common area rights, New Era Escrow provides the condo escrow services you need at a cost that meets your budget.

Property Escrow Services New Era Escrow

Co-Op Escrow

Cooperatives, or Co-Ops, take the complexities of condominiums a step further. Rather than owning your portion of the property yourself, co-op owners own a stake in the corporation that owns the property. Transactions involving co-ops need specialized escrow services provided by companies experienced in these types of transactions, and adept at handling the details of corporate law. At New Era Escrow, our escrow agents are experts at handling co-ops and all associated transactions. We can handle your escrow accurately and ensure a smooth closing.


For Sale ByOwner (FSBO) Escrow

For the do-it-yourselfers who handle property sales without the professional assistance of a real estate agent, closing becomes a scary time. Our FSBO escrow service can give you the confidence you need when you make your For-Sale-By-Owner transaction. We ensure that all sales agreement stipulations are met, escrow instructions are followed, and ensure than neither party gets ripped-off during those crucial final days of closing. Let us help you complete your For-Sale-By-Owner transaction confidently and accurately through our trusted escrow services at New Era Escrow.

Property Escrow Services