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Multi-Unit Escrow Services

Multi-unit or multi-family properties have become increasingly popular with real estate investors. While owning a condo or single-family home as a rental property runs the risk of 100% vacancy if the tenant moves out, a multi-family property virtually guarantees there will always be some income. Investors with limited cash or leverage may also find it easier to purchase smaller, multi-unit or multi-family properties or even live in one unit while renting out the others to cover the loan payment.

Multi-Family Escrow Transactions

Choosing the right escrow company plays an important role in ensuring that your real estate transaction is successful and complete. These multi-unit escrow transactions require a different approach than a regular residential purchase and it is crucial that your escrow officer is well-versed in handling this type of escrow service. At New Era Escrow, our escrow officers have decades of experience handling all types of multi-unit escrow transactions with the experience and dedication necessary to avoid delays.New Era Escrow handles all aspects of multi-unit escrow transactions.

Multi-Unit Escrow Services

Multi-unit and multi-family properties are gaining popularity among real estate investors. Unlike single-family homes or condos that risk complete vacancy when a tenant leaves, multi- family properties practically ensure some form of income. Investors with limited funds or leverage might find it easier to acquire smaller multi-unit properties. They might even live in one unit while renting out the others to offset the loan payment.

Multi-Family Escrow Transactions

Choosing the right escrow company is crucial for a successful real estate transaction. Multi-unit escrow processes differ significantly from regular residential purchases. That’s why it’s essential to have an escrow officer that’s well-versed in this specialized area. At New Era Escrow, our team boasts decades of experience in handling multi- unit transactions, ensuring smooth operations and timely closings.

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Multi-unit and multi-family properties present unique challenges in escrow closing. Trust New Era Escrow’s expertise for diligent and detail- oriented management of your transaction.

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