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As our population grows and extends into previously uninhabited areas, new subdivisions and new home constructions are surging. These projects can range from a single family home built by an individual, to thousands of homes in a subdivision built by a nationwide builder. In most cases, these projects require the use new construction escrow accounts to manage the funds until the homes and surrounding infrastructure are completed. New Era Escrow is a leader in new construction and subdivision escrow services.

Custom Home Escrow Service

For individuals, whether they are building their dream home or constructing a second residence for rental income, the construction process can be long and arduous. construction escrow accounts are needed for situations where the owner has all the cash needed in hand, to complete the construction, as well as when they need to obtain a construction loan from the bank. In either case, New Era Escrow is the premier escrow servicer to handle your new construction escrow needs.

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Our escrow agents will ensure that all escrow instructions are followed accurately and in a timely manner, ensuring that your construction is not delayed by missed payments. We can handle the escrow accounts needed to finance all aspects and phases of your construction including grading, framing, drywall, plumbing, appliance installation, flooring, landscaping, etc. Call us today so we can handle all your escrow needs for your new construction.


We have the experience, accountability, reliability, and backing you need for a smooth completion and accurate closing. From beginning to end, our experienced team of escrow officers can handle the management of your new construction funds and ensure all your escrow instructions are followed accurately and completely before any funds are dispersed. Call us today to speak directly to an escrow officer or begin the process online from the convenience of your own home.



Escrow Services Specializing in New Construction and Subdivisions

For large scale builders, the construction process becomes even more complex due to the possible requirements from local, state, and federal entities to develop and construct the infrastructure and surrounding area. New Era Escrow provides escrow services specializing in new construction and subdivisions. Along with the usual contractors employed by individual builders, larger developers often have to juggle multiple contractors for each of the construction trades, as well as the need to install larger structures that service the entire community.

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Some of these items may include roads, flood retention basins, green belts and parks, power, gas, telephone, and other utilities, and even sewage lines and street lights. Many of these elements require coordination with city, state, and local government agencies to satisfy regulations and specifications, all the while maintaining appropriate oversight and funding. In some instances, the development of land trusts and preserves, which also require escrow services, are needed to move or restore ecologically sensitive areas that may be effected by the new construction.


New Era Escrow has the trained staff and experienced escrow officers needed to handle your new construction and subdivision project, regardless of how big or small. Call us today to open your escrow.