Non-Traditional Escrow

Non-Traditional Escrow Services

Non-traditional escrows or transactions are becoming more and more common place. Covering IRA custodian ownerships, probate, trusts, note sales, auction sales, bulk sales, specialty or cash holdings, and even healthcare and fertility issues like IVF, surrogacy, and egg donations, non-traditional escrows can cover a large variety of situations.


Our escrow officers at New Era Escrow are trained and have decades of experience in handling all forms of non-traditional escrows. Their attention to detail, accountability, reliability, and backing make our escrow agents a top choice to handle your transaction and ensure the outcomes needed for a successful process.

IRA Custodian Ownership Escrow Services

One of the newer financial trends is to use funds from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to purchase real estate as an investment. These investments are highly regulated and scrutinized by the government, and thus are very complicated transactions. So much so that it becomes a crucial part of the transaction to use an escrow company that has experience and skill at handling them. Don’t put your retirement funds at risk with inexperienced escrow processors. At New Era Escrow, our exceptional team of escrow agents can handle your IRA custodian ownership escrow with the attention to detail and trusted management needed to avoid costly errors.

Trust Escrow Services

From individual trusts designed to protect inherited assets from probate, to land trusts protecting wildlife or the environment from further development, real estate trust transactions can be highly complex matters, and need an escrow provider skilled at handling them. At New Era Escrow, we have the expertise needed to deal with all forms of trusts, and the experience to successfully navigate the regulations that govern them, from the local and state, all the way to the federal and even international levels. Let our dependable team of escrow agents handle your trust escrow account, bringing the experience, accountability, reliability, and backing to your transaction that we provide all our clients.

Non-Traditional Escrow Services



Probate Escrow Services

Whether or not inheritance is left in a will, all property that is not left in a trust will pass through probate. During probate, the court system will validate the will, determine property ownership, and pay any outstanding debts or balances. Often times, this process uncovers title discrepancies as well as several other issues. Real property thought to have been under a particular name may turn out to be under a different name as previously thought.


New Era’s escrow agents have decades of experience in handling probate escrow cases, verifying and clearing up title confusions, and ensuring escrow closes smoothly. We have the expertise to handle your probate escrow and let you get back to your family during these difficult times of mourning.

Note Sale Transaction Escrow Services

Unlike traditional residential or commercial purchases and sales, note sales involve the sale or purchase of the mortgage or loan attached to a property. As highly regulated transactions, note sales involve complex escrow requirements that often need several levels of verification that other transactions lack. Note sales are also placed on faster time tables (since they involve mortgages or loans that can accumulate interest daily) and thus need faster completions and verifications because their timing becomes more critical than that of many traditional residential or commercial sales.


Our experienced escrow agents can help you manage and close your note sale transactions by handling your escrow with our thorough attention to detail and top rated escrow management services. Call our offices today to speak to a licensed escrow officer who can help you close your note sale transaction.

Non-Traditional Escrow Services

Auction Sales Escrow

With the volatility of the real estate market in recent years, auction sales have become more and more common place as a method of acquiring property. No longer limited to a select few investors and real estate industry professionals, the number of auction sales by individuals purchasing homes is growing.


If you are considering the purchase of real estate through an auction sale, New Era Escrow can assist by ensuring your escrow closes promptly, and verifying that all conditions have been met and are accurate. And our experienced team of escrow agents can help you with auction sale escrows for a variety or property types including artwork, memorabilia, and antiques, as well as more traditional land, home, and commercial business auctions.

Bulk Sales Escrow

Bulk sales (the purchase of large quantities of inventory in a single transaction) are highly regulated in most states due to their long history of abuse and illegal use for tax evasion and other questionable purposes. This makes bulk sales extremely complicated transactions that need highly skilled and reliable escrow agents to guarantee an accurate and smooth closing. If you are in need of an escrow company to handle your bulk sale transactions, don’t risk the outcome on less dependable or less experienced companies. New Era Escrow provides their clients with a team of top rated, skilled, reliable, and experienced escrow agents to close their transactions successfully. Call us today.

Specialty Holdings Escrow / Cash Holdings Escrow

Covering a wide variety of non-traditional escrows, New Era Escrow is here to assist you with your purchase. We are experienced with not only traditional real estate purchases, but also speciality holdings and cash holdings transactions. If it needs to change hands, we can provide escrow services for you. Whether your sale or purchase involves documents, deeds, stock holdings, cash money, or any other asset, New Era Escrow is your best choice for escrow services. Call us today.