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Residential Escrow

has some of the most complex residential escrow closings in the United States due to the changes to state and federal laws over the last decade. New Era Escrow is an independent, full-service escrow company with a team of knowledgeable escrow officers who take pride in staying on top of all legislation that relates to the purchase or sale of real estate.

New Era Escrow will ensure all requirements are met by all parties involved in your residential escrow transaction.

Our escrow agents have decades of experience handling all types of residential escrow accounts with the knowledge and experience necessary to spot potential problems ahead of time and ensure a timely and successful closing. We will give you the confidence you need that your transaction will be handled professionally and with due diligence.

Residential Escrow

Residential escrow: In the United States, residential escrow closings have become increasingly complex due to changes in state and federal laws over the past decade. New Era Escrow is a full-service, independent escrow firm. Our skilled team of escrow officers stays up-to-date with the legislation of all real estate

We ensure that all parties involved meet the necessary requirements for a successful residential escrow transaction.

Armed with decades of expertise, our escrow agents are proficient in managing all kinds of residential escrow accounts. Their foresight enables them to identify potential issues early on, assuring a smooth and timely closing. With New Era Escrow, you can feel confident that your transaction will be executed professionally and diligently.

Professional Escrow Services

Buying or selling a home is a major financial decision. At New Era Escrow, we’re eager to guide you through each step and simplify your real estate transactions. As a comprehensive escrow service, our seasoned officers take care of all escrow-related tasks to guarantee a seamless and worry-free closing.

New era escrow handles all aspects of your real estate closing. We will:

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