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Under-the-Radar Burgers

LA’S 11 Best Under-the-Radar Burgers

Mmmmmm burgers. Who doesn’t love burgers?

Those mouth-watering, tender grilled meat patties packed between two fluffy buns with a generous serving of lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes drizzled with your favorite ketchup or mayo! I can imagine you drooling right now.

I, for one, am a big fan of The Standing Room in nearby Redondo Beach!

Here in Los Angeles, there are numerous burger joints you may have tried. After all, there are probably millions (or even billions) of burgers sold and eaten in the city.

Unfortunately, not everyone goes to the best of the best list of LA’s most prominent publications. However, these burgers deserve much attention, just as their famous counterparts.

Under-the-Radar Burgers

Presenting the 11 best under-the-radar burgers in Los Angeles:

  • The Larchmont Burger from The Larchmont
  • The Mess Burger from the Mess Hall Kitchen
  • The Four Finger Beef from JNJ Burger Shack
  • The Royale with Cheese from Mo’s Fine Food
  • The Motley Beau from Dog Haus
  • The Sriracha Burger from Slater’s 50/50
  • The Proper Burger from Flintridge Proper
  • The BBQ Beef Burger from Seoul Sausage Co.
  • El Scorpion Burger from The Blue Dog Tavern
  • The Neapolitan from The Standing Room
  • The Captain Kangaroo from The Escondite


I know I cannot give justice to the awesomeness of these burgers, so I’ll share with you this article from Thrillist: LA’S 11 BEST UNDER-THE-RADAR BURGERS to know more about these burgers.

Under-the-Radar Burgers

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