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New Era Escrow Announces 2015 Growth Forecast

New Era Escrow, Inc. Announces 2015 Growth Forecast

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA (July 3, 2015)—New Era Escrow, Inc., a California-based escrow company, is officially announcing its 2015-2016 expansion plans. This high technology consumer focused escrow company is well-known for using tools and practices that are revolutionizing the escrow process for consumers.  The expansion started this month with the approval of their newest location in Beverly Hills (Wilshire Blvd on Beverly Drive within the triangle) and will help ensure that New Era Escrow continues to be a leader in offering a broad range of escrow services, throughout the state of California.

According to many in the industry, New Era’s blueprint for growth is likely to help the company ascend to the top of California’s real estate escrow market.


The company plans to expand its client base through the addition of 8 new locations, around the state. Future branch locations include:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Irvine
  • Corona
  • Sherman Oaks
  • Palm Desert
  • San Diego
  • Pasadena

The Beverly Hills, Irvine, Corona and Sherman Oaks locations are expected to open by the end of 2015; while the branch openings in Palm Desert, San Diego and Pasadena are expected to take place in 2016.

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Through expansion New Era Escrow will accelerate its rapid ascent to the top of the West Coast’s real estate escrow market. While New Era Escrow is looking to make its mark within the state of California, the company also looks to fill an urgent need for title and escrow services across the nation.

New Era customers receive professional courtesy and clear communication from each of the company’s escrow professionals who use technology and collaboration to increase efficiency and communication in title and escrow services.

New Era’s use of technology improves the efficiency and security of the escrow process. The systems that the company uses to enhance its services include:

  • virtual storage systems
  • electronic signing
  • top-rated escrow software
  • secure data transmission
  • storage systems

Dana Spencer,  spokesperson at New Era Escrow had this to say about the company’s upcoming branch openings, “New Era Escrow has always placed a strong emphasis on its goal to become a top escrow services provider in California by serving residents and real estate professionals across the California with affordable escrow services. However, in recent years this strategy has become so effective that the company now finds itself in a position to make expanding into the surrounding areas a reality.”

New Era provides extraordinarily diverse escrow services to a client base that is both local to California and in some cases throughout the country and the world.  In addition to real estate escrow services, New Era is one of the few premiere escrow companies that service bulk sale transactions, holding escrows like fertility, business transactions, litigation related escrows and liquor license transfers.


Founded in 2011, New Era Escrow, Inc. is a full service escrow service. The company is based in the Los Angeles County area and is rapidly expanding across California.

New Era Escrow

New Era Escrow is committed to delivering top quality service to its clients and offers a wide range of escrows, including auctions, bulk sales also known as business transfers, commercial sales and resales, fertility escrows, liquor license transfers, real estate owned (REO) transactions, refinance transactions, residential sales, short sales and many more. Hence, New Era Escrow is poised to become California’s premiere escrow provider for many years to come.

The company holds escrows for clients representing a wide cross-section of industries – including real estate organizations, law firms, financial institutions, fertility clinical facilities and many other organizations. Additionally, the company is fully licensed and bonded and is one of the few escrow services that has met the qualifications necessary to conduct ‘holding’ escrows.