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Pets Strictly Required at North Hollywood

Pet Strictly Required at North Hollywood Apartment Building

Many of us are familiar with strict landlords not allowing pets inside their property for whatever reason they have. 

But did you know that there’s one landlady in North Hollywood who is changing this policy? (I can see pet owners rejoicing right now.)

You read that right. Pet strictly required at North Hollywood apartment.

According to her, pet owners are ideal tenants. They are kind people who pay their rent on time, so you cannot rent in her 12-unit apartment complex unless you have a dog or a cat. 

We love pets as much as you do. That’s why we just had to share this article from Curbed. Check it out:

Landlords are notoriously bitchy about pets (Dog deposit? Why no baby deposit?), but there’s one woman out in North Hollywood who’s flipped that upside down. Read More at Curbed >>

Pets Strictly Required

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