New Era Escrow

Escrow Services That You Need

Escrow Services You Need


New Era Escrow offers a transparent, secure digital Escrow service.

  • This is a way to allow funds to be held in Escrow accounts until the Seller requests payment for services. The Buyer does not dispute the payment.
  • Selling to (e.g. Barristers and their authorized users (e.g. Clerks are able to manage client deposits or release payments via our Escrow portal.
  • Allowing buyers (clients), to pay sellers for their services (e.g. barristers).
  • Our secure payments services and technology are your back.

Escrow Services

An escrow service is a great option if you’re selling expensive merchandise online. Escrow acts as a middleman that ensures the transaction is completed correctly. The customer pays the amount through their merchant services account. Once the payment is made, the money goes to the Escrow Service. The customer informs your company that the money has been received and you then send the merchandise. The customer will inform the escrow company that they have received the merchandise and they will pay your company.

escrow services that you need

The customer can notify the escrow company if they are unhappy with the merchandise. They will receive a refund and the item back.

There are many ways that people can pay you for your products as time passes. It can be difficult at first to navigate the constantly changing payment technology. Accepting these changes and using a merchant service company will open your business to more customers.


Escrow services Los Angeles are provided by New Era Escrow agent or officer that handles title and financing work, title and escrow work and transaction instructions. We are responsible for filing documents on time, processing them and following instructions. They are not available to offer advice to buyers. If closing is taking too much time, you might want to contact the escrow officer and see if they can speed up the process. You may be able point them to someone to speed up the process.

Escrow Services That You Need

Are You a Client Who Needs an Escrow Account?

You can pay property taxes and insurance by yourself, instead of using an account with an escrow. This will reduce your monthly mortgage payment but it means you have to save money for taxes and insurance.

Some people may not have the option to cancel an escrow account. Sometimes, escrow accounts are required. You can also use your escrow account to pay for certain expenses. Sometimes, lenders may require escrow for property taxes but homeowners insurance.


  • Subject to market conditions, able to offer competitive returns on deposits made in an Instant Access Sterling bank account
  • Our standard Escrow Agreement can help you reduce legal expenses.
  • Only use highly-rated banks
  • You can quickly open escrow accounts in any major currency.
  • Escrow services are provided for pension schemes. This prevents excessive employer contributions from being locked into an over-funded pension plan.


  • It is simple, straight-forward, efficient, and smooth
  • In just a few days, you can open a bank account quickly
  • There are no minimum or fixed time periods, and they can be as short as one day to many years.
  • There is no minimum holding size
  • The account is treated as a client account and there is no comingling of assets or funds.
  • KYC is carried out by dedicated staff with strong Escrow backgrounds, ensuring an efficient and quick process
  • Alternative to Letters of Credit As a result, it can eliminate credit and liquidity concerns 
escrow services that you need

We are an Escrow Agent with extensive experience supporting a wide range of assets, including cash, property, securities, contracts, and other collateral. Our Escrow Agreements are customized to fit the needs of our bank a variety of third-party banks. We support Escrow requirements for many transactions and services by adhering to the Escrow agreement’s documented parameters.

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