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Why Escrow Matters: Safeguarding Your Transactions

why escrow is important

Why Escrow Matters: Safeguarding Your Transactions Have you ever bought something from an online store and worried you would not receive what was advertised? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to buy a house but were afraid to spend your money. That is why escrow is important: it provides a secure way to facilitate transactions and […]

6 Signs Of A Legit Real Estate Agent

Legit Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent can be tricky nowadays. While there are many qualified experts, there are some who are either scamming you or lying to you. Either way, you need someone who has all the right qualities. That’s why it’s important to look for a real estate agent that CLICKS. It’s not just […]

Opening an Escrow Account In 3 Steps

Opening an Escrow Account

So you’re thinking about buying or selling a house, right? Then you might have stumbled upon the words “escrow account.” While it can sound confusing or complicated, it’s easy to understand! Here’s what you need to know about an escrow account and why it’s so useful. Read on so that you can see how you […]

How to Ensure Your Money Is Actually Escrowed

Ensure Your Money Is Escrowed

Let us first understand what Escrow is and how a Fake escrow takes place. Also, in this article are some tips on how to spot a fake escrow company. An escrow is a legal concept describing a financial agreement whereby a third party holds an asset or money on behalf of two other parties completing […]

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying an Escrow Services

Avoid Getting Scammed

Buying a house is a huge investment in itself. When you’re putting your money in a huge investment like real estate, it could end up in two things. First, it could appreciate and be worth a lot more down the road, or second, it could go busted causing you to lose everything you put in. […]

CLOSING: Documents Needed During an Escrow Closing

Escrow Closing

One of the most important aspects necessary when closing escrow is to ensure that all required documents are present. Without them, your closing may be delayed or derailed completely. What kind of documents do you need for an escrow closing? Escrow closing is different from a typical closing. In an escrow closing, all the parties […]